Friday, September 15, 2006

Family bike ride to Kensington Gardens

Last Sunday, we did a lovely ride from Regents Park to the playground in Kensington Gardens for a picnic. I put up flyers at the nursery and had three takers, but one had to duck out at the last minute. But the ones who turned up made up for it in enthusiasm! Kim & Elsa met us there with Lebanese delights, and another mom turned up too.

It was a beautiful, perfect day for a bike ride. We met at the Inner Circle in Regents Park, and rode down Marylebone High Street, then across Oxford Street and through Grosvenor Square. We followed the London Cycle Network to the Mall, then up Constitution Hill, which are both traffic-free on Sundays. We used the cycle (and horse!) crossing at Hyde Park Corner, then through the park to the Broad Walk in Kensington Gardens and up to the playground on the north side.

All the kids were perfect angels on the ride, and they all also enjoyed the playground and picnic.

Not too long after leaving the park after our picnic, Gem started to doze, and then she went right to sleep in the Christiania and slept all the way home!

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Andrea said...

Very sorry to have missed it.

Best wishes for the move.