Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bike path plowing works!

Bike path in the snow
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I rode in to work today, after yesterday's 12-ish inches of snow. I was going to ride the bike path, but then it occurred to me that there really wouldn't be anywhere for me to go after I got to Alewife...

But I did want to have a look at how the path looked after having been plowed. Here it is, just at Carberry's (now Java Somethingorother), and it looks pretty good! Just a fine dusting since it was plowed, but entirely rideable.

As was, it turned out, the rest of my usual route to work. Just required a little extra caution.

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JPTwins said...

hey andrew,

i couldn't find your e-mail, so i couldn't e-mail you directly. instead, i found a vaguely related post to the question i have.

I live in JP and commute to waltham, and today was pretty overcast. the whole ride to work, i'm thinking, "man, i really need to get some proper rain gear." but what?

so, just curious, what sort of rain/ cold weather gear do you have to get through the winter. and do you wear the flourescent clothing or any sort of other reflector straps?

thanks for the tips,