Saturday, June 20, 2009

I did the B2B today! Sort of.

The Harpoon Brewery to Brewery is known as one of the toughest rides in New England. It's about 145 miles, starting at the Harpoon brewery in Boston to the one in Windsor, Vermont.

It's all hard core riders, and when you sign up, the minimum avg speed you can commit to us 16mph. That's pretty fast! The ride is also moderately hilly.

Ciclismo manned the last rest/food stop, so Lauren and I decided to skip the first 50 miles or so so we could get a nice head start and be at the rest stop in time to help out the rest of the gang, who drove there directly. Trouble was, the first riders left Boston an hour earlier than last year, and because our stop was at mile 120, it took us a while to get there. So we weren't that helpful and just ended up hanging out, chatting, and refueling. Then we headed off for the last 25 to Windsor. (I felt bad about missing the first riders at the stop, but the gang did a GREAT job without us!)

In any case, Lauren and I did 100 miles on the dot. I hope to do the full ride next year! It was a good route and generally nice and scenic, though there were some pretty busy stretches.

The hills everyone was griping about were really no big deal.... Nothing compared to the Mt Washington Century, the CRW Climb to the Clouds (Mt Wachuset), or the D2R2.

Mauro lent me his 10 year old Merlin, which mad all the difference for me. I actually managed to average between 15 and 16mph for the century! The bike felt great - really stable and fast, particularly compared to my Thorn. I'm really looking forward to riding it for the rest of the summer!

We're on the bus back to Boston now, and I only hope our bikes will be there to meet us.

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What is the D2R2?
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