Monday, September 07, 2009

Flat tire in Boston

On this lovely Labor Day, which also happens to be my birthday (observed), I thought I'd do an early ride around Boston for a change. I used to really enjoy my old commute, and this was a chance to revisit the old route.

In Thursday night rush hour, it was usually a bit crazy, but with virtually no traffic on a holiday morning, it's a pure delight.

So I rode down Broadway from Arlington to Davis Square, then past the back side of Porter Square, and over the bridge to Somerville Beacon Street. Then Inman, Kendall, and over the Charles on the Longfellow bridge. Next, along Cambridge Street and down to Post Office Square. From there, I rode over the newly reopened bridge over the Channel into South Boston, cruised down past the ICA and Seaport before heading back up Summer Street.

Then, just at South Station, I got a flat.

I had my new CO2 air thingie and a spare tube, but it wasn't until after I had changed the tube that I discovered I didn't have the cartridge that goes in the thingie. Bad luck all around.

The culprit, I discovered, was a little shard of pointy rock or something.

So I soon gave up hope of borrowing a pump from another biker - still too early, and not a popular area for cycling on holiday mornings. I could have hoofed it to the Charles, but it was too far to carry the bike, and I didn't want to damage the rim.

Finally, I thought I was very clever for searching the bikes locked at South Station for a pump to borrow. But I guess the owners of all those bikes were too cautious to leave their pumps, or maybe they'd already been borrowed.

So now I'm on the Red Line, approaching Alewife. I reckon I have a good chance of finding a pump or good samaritan here - if all else fails, I can always call Kim.


Hooray! Just met a friendly Canadian dude at the start of the bike path at Alewife. He loaned me his pump and i'm all set! I should be home in time for my b-day breakfast of challah French toast, bacon, smoothies!
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Dottie said...

Happy to hear it all worked out :) Cycling all around Boston on a peaceful morning sounds lovely.