Friday, October 02, 2009

Working the Berkshires

After the fantastic time I had with the family this summer in the Berkshires, I knew I'd try to come back soon. I didn't even guess that it would be for work!

We developed a custom your for a group from New York, and I'm driving the support car! I got to Lenox this afternoon to check over the bikes and get the car all set up, then I met most of the group and adjusted their bikes for them. All very nice and agreeable, excited for a great weekend.

The weather report is a little grim for tomorrow, but no one seems too daunted.

The other guides and I spent some more time after the bike fitting going over the plans and routes - everything looks great! We're doing lots of the same routes I explored when I was her last time.

Even if tomorrow is a little wet, Sunday and Monday gave lots of potential. Of course, I hope to get some riding in myself at some point... Maybe crack of dawn on Sunday or Monday? Or maybe after lunch on Monday.
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