Saturday, June 13, 2009

What's that noise, Daddy?

That's what the girls used to ask me on the way to school when the brakes on our Cristiania cargo/passenger trike would squeal. Now, it's been going on so long that the question has become "Daddy, why haven't you had the brakes fixed yet?"

Well, girls, today's the day. I have an appointment at Ace Wheelworks in Cambridge. I've been nervous about doing this because the trike is a bit unusual, and I don't want anyone mucking it up.

But after 3+ yrs, I guess it's time to have some work done. The real problem is indeed the brakes - the no-brand discs in front aren't really that powerful, and I think I've pretty much ground the coaster brake in the back down to a nub. Is that even possible? I haven't the foggiest what goes on in there.

In any case, in addition to the brakes, I imagine I might need a new chain, and the big pivot underneath the box surely needs a bit of lube.

One way or the other, I need it back today because I'm giving rides to the toddlers at Elsie's birthday party tomorrow!


Aaron said...

Hey you will have to let me know how the brakes go! Mine is getting done in a few weeks when the parts arrive.

Andrew said...

They're working great! My new Avid BB7's were a bit disappointing out of the gate, but they're much improved after a bit of riding! Hearily recommended.

Aaron said...

Fantastic! I'm also looking forward to the easy adjustments on the BB7s. Also don't know if I mentioned to you but my bike guy sourced a brake handle that has two cables running directly into it - ie one to each brake so no need for any splitter. Will let you know how it goes.