Saturday, July 08, 2006

Nifty 2-kid setup

Saw a clever setup just now. Elsa & I are waiting for music class to end, and a dad came tooling up the Finchley Road on an electric-assist PowaBike with a kid on the front and one on the back. The seat in front was a Centric Safe Haven, but I didn't catch what the back one was.

Everybody concerned seemed comfortable and safe. Okay, it's not for us, but it's good to see that they've come up with a unique solution that works for them. I wonder if Mum rides it too?

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Christiania Trike Ordered!

Gemma (and I) loved the Christiania so much that I've gone ahead and ordered one! We're very excited.

The model I've specified will be very similar to the one we borrowed. Here are the details:
  • It's a "Model light" with the box with sloping sides and a shiny red finish

  • We got the bugatti hood, just like our loaner (we considered getting a straight box with two facing seats, but that would have precluded the use of this top, which we really liked

  • We got the same bench seat with single seat belt as on the loaner, but we also ordered the three-point harness for Elsa next Spring

  • And instead of the knee-wrenching three-speed hub, we got a deluxe Shimano 8-speed model with a coaster break that's meant to be much more powerful than the one on their 3- or 7-speed models

  • Finally, we also got the clever Axa frame-fit lock, which stays on the trike all the time and simply immobilizes the rear wheel. Probably not ideal for a bike that could easily be picked up and carried away, but that's really not the case with this one!

As usual Andrea at Velorution has been a delight to deal with... now if only they can get Annie and Lars to build the thing before all of Denmark goes on holiday!