Sunday, February 21, 2010

Early morning tour of Boston

For the first time in MONTHs, I went for an early Sunday morning ride today. I was up by 6 (daylight approaching!!!), and out on the road by 7. Despite recent snow, the roads are in pretty good shape.

I decided to do a tour of Boston and Cambridge instead of heading out of town, where it's more countrified, but where there are fewer sights and distractions - and distraction is just what I needed this morning.

I took it easy, never really exceeding 14mph or so, often going slower to take in my surroundings. I made my way to Harvard Square via the Cambridge end of the bike path, largely avoiding Mass Ave and going in via Garden Street. After Harvard, I did went straight to the river on Mass Ave, then got onto the path at the Esplanade, then all the way down to MHG. It was all very quiet, being an early, chilly Sunday morning!

From there, I went up the backside of the North End along the river, and back up the length of Hanover Street, where people were already out and about, mostly getting their coffee and pastries and such. Once I hit the artery, I defiantly rode onto the Rose Kennedy Greenway, where no biking is allowed - what a travesty!!! So I flouted the law along the greenway to the Aquarium. I said good morning to the sea lions in the enclosure in front, then rode around to the back and greeted the seals in the new area in back. They're in a beautiful new enclosure facing the harbor, with a lovely public space along the water.

I continued along the footpath on the water all the way to the rickety old bridge by the Barking Crab, then crossed, heading towards the Seaport. My next stop was the ICA, where I took a short break. It's a wonderful route, and as much as it's fun to see the sights of Boston, it also really really reminds me of my old early morning rides around London to the Docklands.

From there, I rode back past the Children's Museum and over the Summer Street bridge - then home along my old commuting route: Over the Longfellow Bridge, to Kendall Square, Inman Square, Davis Square, and up Mass Ave and home.

I'm knackered! And it's only 9:30 now, and the whole day is ahead of us.