Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ride with Ride Studio Cafe this morning

I finally made it on a ride with the crew from the Ride Studio Cafe this morning. It was a nice (if chilly) morning and there were about 25 riders in all. We set off not too long after nine, after everyone had had a few minutes to warm up and chat over coffee in the store. It's a great place to start a ride!

I could only do 45 mins out and 45 back because I've got a gig this afternoon, but it was a great time. We kept up a reasonable pace (18mphish) and stayed in a pretty tight group. It was a really congenial group - really looking forward to my next ride with them. Hope to do the full ride next time

I wore my new gilet from Quad Cycles, which kept me nice and warm over two layers of wooly goodness.

One shocking revelation: The ride leader Jeff told me that Pietzo electric assist cycles has run out of cash and is out of business. Really a shame. He said they're liquidating their inventory, but the website doesn't seem to have any special deals. Maybe this is the time to snap one up?