Friday, March 12, 2010

Mass Bike Lobbyists @ National Bike Summit

Here we are! Photo taken at the end of a long day of meetings on the Hill.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Freecycle score!

This weekend was GORGEOUS! Finally high 50s and beautiful. I took Thorny to Broadway Bicycle School for a springtime makeover to the tune of $200+. Fine, I suppose, since I've ridden it through the winter and it's sorely in need of a new chain and hub oil change, and who knows what else.

We also got the Christiania out and went for a couple really nice rides with the girls. Ah, springtime really seems right around the corner now! The hub gear really seems to need replacing, though, and I'll probably get that done in the next couple weeks. I'm looking at a SRAM iMotion 9, which should be more robust AND give me a much more favorable gear for climbing our hill.

So, now for my big score! Kim is forever picking up bags of free stuff that she hears about on one of our local Freecycle lists. (She does contribute too - good karma!) Every once in a while, between the bags of fabric scraps and "gently" used kitchen appliances, she spies something good for me too. And today, we hit the jackpot! Here's the list of stuff that a person in Lexington put on the list - she responded within 10 minutes and I got the lot! I'll make use of just about everything eventually, but the high-power lights are superfantastic and I really need them!
  • (1 pair) Specialized SPD pedals with cleats and hardware, look similar 
to Shimano but not sure if compatible, used on a road bike
(1) Assorted pedal cleat mounting hardware and special tool

  • (1) Roll of canvas rim spoke end protector tape

  • (1) Real brake lever, unused, very light
(1 pair) Kool Stop V-type all weather brake pads, in unopened package, 
includes pins
(1) Shimano Deore XT front derailleur, has a removable ring bracket 
that mounts under crank bearings somehow, used but believed to work
(1) Bontrager seat post about 31mm diam, about 9 inches long, good 

  • (1) Curly cable, low security, stretches to about 5 feet long, add 
your own padlock
(1) Kryptoflex cable, about 7 feet long, medium security, add your own 

  • (1) Bianchi Vetta seat, blue and black, good condition
(1) Specialized seat, black, good condition
(1) Blackburn thin 26X1.25/1.50 tube, unused
(1) Camelback 100oz/3 liter reservoir with Big Bite Valve, unopened in 
package, this is the old rectangular style, could be used in any knapsack
(1) Camelback Hydrobak 50oz complete, very small and light, good for 
racing or kids, good condition
(1) Trek multitool, has wide range of hex keys plus flat and cross 
(1) Planet Bike helmet and bar lights (2 independent lights), inline 
switches and water bottle style battery cases. Put out a lot of light but 
these are incandescent and each light uses 4 D cell batteries (not 

  • (2) Blackburn saddle bags, narrow profile, zipper expandable, big 
enough to hold flat and minor repair items plus snack bars
(1) Nightstick light kit: One 15w incandescent head, one 10w 
incandescent head, 1 bar mount, 1 remote switch, 1 cord, 2 Nimh battery 
sticks, 1 dual battery mount (fits under bottle cage), 2 AC chargers, 1 car 
charger. Very bright, battery life 45 min - 1 hr each.
Sweet! Thanks Freecycle!