Saturday, November 11, 2006

Back in the saddle!

Our container arrived last Friday as expected, and after they broke the seal, the first thing off was the Christiania. Other bikes followed.

I went on a little trip to the bagel place with Gem the next day, and it sure was nice to be out on the road, all car-free for a change. On the way home, we tackled our big hill, and I made sure Gem was all ready to give me encouragement as we neared home.

"You can do it, Daddy!" very helpful - I almost abandoned at a few spots but didn't want to disappoint. I've been out with her a few times since, and now she knows the routine for powering me up those hills. She has also somehow remembered what I said on our way out that first time, so whenever we start downhill she says "I don't know how we'll make it up this one again!"