Saturday, June 12, 2010

Good as new

I went to Wheelworks this morning to get Thorny repaired. Since my
unfortunate collision with the door of the Cambridge taxi a few weeks
back, I've been riding with only my rear brakes and no front light.

So today, they replaced the barrel of one brake lever and both sets of
cables, and I replaced my front light. (I'm still amazed that that's
all it needed! The taxi was in much worse shape!)

I was pleased that they could do it while I waited - a pleasant
surprise, especially on a summer Saturday morning!

What wasn't so pleasant was the bedside manner of my mechanic. He was
certainly competent enough, but not chatty at all. Didn't appreciate
Thorny either. That really bugs me. I'm almost over it, but it still
leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Still, I'm really lucky sustaining less than $100 in damage an no
bodily injury at all after an accident like that.