Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nice chilly ride & strange tire issue

I went for a nice ride today for the first time in ages. Up the bike
path, to the narrow gauge trail to Fawn Lake, and back via Rt 4 & 225.
it was cold - mid 20s - so I was bundled up good and proper.

On the way back, my back wheel started bumping along and I discovered
that the tube was slowly eeking its way out of the bead, creating a
giant goiter that was threatening to explode at any time.

Of course, I'd neglected to bring a pump with me today (though I
rarely forget to do so). But luckily, a friendly dude rolled up and
loaned me his - he even insisted on doing the pumping. I'd hoped that
by re-seating the bead, it would pump up normally, but it soon popped
out again.

So I just carefully ride on home, and made it without further trouble.
I guess I'll have to get a new tire, which is annoying. Or maybe I
just stick to my bianchi until it's time to get carbide-studded snow

PS: facebook and twitter have ruined me for blogging. I vow to be better!