Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bicycling Magazine surpasses itself

With every new issue of Bicycling Magazine, I grow increasingly amazed at how unappealing it's become. (Lucky I have my archive of mags from the 70s and 80s!)

Most issues contain precisely 0 articles that are of any interest at all to me, which should be surprising because I'm so fascinated by so many aspects of the cycling world. But there you are. The magazine seems to try to appeal to the masses and the lycra louts without much consideration for the many, many different interest groups in the cycling world.

One bright spot in the May 2009 issue is the cursory review of the Alternative Needs Transportation Boston Roadster. As usual, the piece lacks any insight whatsoever. One of my least favorite features of the magazine is how it boils down every review into "Buy it if" and "Forget it if" - and this is where the review of this wonderful bike goes off the deep end. "Forget it if you're a real saddle snob - this one isn't real leather."

What? Author Emily Furia couldn't have thought of anything better than that? Of course, its ridiculous to think that a hand-crafted utility bike available in 20 colors wouldn't have any saddle options.

I think a better soundbite might have been "Forget it if you're reading this magazine - you probably don't care about this type of thing anyhoo."

New Bikescape podcast from Sacramento

When I arrived at the media meet-up in Sacramento, I was delighted to find two of my fave podcasters - David Bernstein of the Fredcast and Jonathan Winston of Bikescape. When I arrived, the latter was in the process of interviewing the former!

Now Jonathan has posted the podcast that resulted. He warns that it's a bit noisy, but I can't wait to listen!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Great springtime ride today

Didnt seem so much like spring when I left home at 7am, though -it was clear but really cold, about 25 degrees. Still, it was very quiet on the roads, and while there were lots of potholes and sandy patches, at least the snow and ice has largely gone. I made it home just in time to head out with the girls to Gem's last skating lesson of the season.

As I was heading home, I went past a good-sized group on the Quad Cycles Sunday ride, with the owner bringing up the rear with a child in a trailer. I must do that ride one of these days!

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

What's a bicycle tour, Daddy?

Last night Gemma and I were talking about what I do at work. She asked me "What's a bicycle tour, Daddy?"

So I asked her what she thought it was, and she said "Is it when you shrink down really small and give people a tour of your bike?"