Sunday, December 04, 2005

Nice pre-dawn ride to Herts

Yesterday I was up at five and out the door by a quarter to six, heading north through Barnet.

I was hoping to get 50 miles in before ten via my usual straightforward route up the A1000 to the B158 - out 25 miles then back.

It was blissfully quiet on the roads at that hour, and neither as cold or as wer as I'd expected. I managed to turn off the A1000 after Potters Bar, but before the B158, which set me off on a nice tour of old manor houses an nouveaux riche McMansions, plus lots of horses, always a welcome sight.

The ride was a great success in the end thanks to the Ordnance Survey map I'd remembered to bring along. There were enough hills to keep it interesting too, but nothing too daunting. (And no hill ever seems as steep as the one between my place and the Spaniards Inn!)

I met the girls after music class after, and had a nice time at the playground.

When we got home, I borrowed the neighbour's hose and finally gave the bike a bath. It was nice to see it al cleaned up again, and I LOVE how easy it is to take the wheels off (to clean them, and inside the mudguards). I probably need to do a better (and more regular) job cleaning the drivetrain - must find out about that.

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