Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dream bikes

I've just posted the following on the SJS Cycles Forum; follow the discussion here.

Don't get me wrong - I love my Raven Tour, and it's definitely the most versatile bike I've owned. If space and funds allowed, though, I'd have all sorts of exotic stuff. Here's my list of dream bikes.
  • Steel road bike: I'm torn between Mercian, Waterford, and Rivendell
  • Titanium road bike: Independent Fabrication Crown Jewell Ti
  • Utility bike: Christiania trike
  • Tandem: Thorn Raven Discovery (of course!)
  • Folder: new Brompton Titanium
  • Recumbent: A tough one! Probably a Burley, though
  • Misc: A hand-built Moulton of course, a Pedersen, and maybe a six-passenger Delfino!

What's on your list?

(BTW, if it seems like I'm going a bit stir crazy, subsituting online time for road time, that would be accurate! I've been traveling a lot, but I'm looking forward to hitting the road again soon!)

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