Friday, August 24, 2007

New Boston Bike Mapping Project

An encouraging program is underway in Boston to map new bike routes.

I've requested a mapping kit from (which I will use to mark good routes on paper), but the more interesting program is online using Google Maps.

City of Boston: Hub On Wheels

Instructions for Tracing Routes

It should just take you a minute or two to map your routes. You have my word. Please note, if you rode twice in a day (for example morning commute to work; afternoon commute home) please map each leg as a separate ride.

1. Go to:

2. Click Sign in located in the upper right corner

3. Login with the following information

* Username: bikeboston
* Password: bikesurvey

If you are already signed in with a personal gmail account, please logout and re-sign in using the above information.

4. Click the My Maps tab located under "Google".

5. Click the Create New Map button located under the My Maps tab.

6. An input box will appear.

* In the Title box, please write your full name, date of ride, and start time of the first one-way leg of your ride.

* Example: John Doe, 8/14, 5:45 AM.

* In the Description box, please write a current email address and the purpose of the ride, i.e. commute to job, errands, social, fun/exercise, work (messenger, courier)

* Example: ,commute to work.

7. You are now ready to trace your route.

* To Zoom in, click "+"
* To Start, single click the in the upper left corner of the map. Single click on the map location corresponding to your ride origin.
* To Change directions, single click along the intersections.
* To Finish double click on the map location corresponding to destination.
* To Edit after saving, hover the "hand" symbol over the route. When the route appears click and click once where you want to make edits.

8. After double clicking, an input box will appear. Please enter the reason you chose this route (i.e. most direct, most scenic, fewest cars, safest.) and/or anything else you want to share with us.

9. Click the Save button.

10. If you rode twice in the day, please go to #5 above and repeat to trace the second or return ride.


Anonymous said...


I've just followed your directions and htey're great. I was just wondering if there's a way to figure out the distance of the ride via google maps? Thanks

Rory Hyde said...

Hi Velo Fellow-
I realize this post is a bit old now, but I was wondering if you know whether this Google map still exists? The map I'm directed to appears blank... I've been planning a similar project for Melbourne and if the Boston version has failed for some reason it would be great to know why/how.

Andrew said...

Rory: I don't know what's happened here, but I think Nicole Freedman was just gathering data for the development of bike routes - not creating an ongoing resource. You can contact her office directly for more info. See . Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi There! I recently started a blog called I write about biking in Boston and the change politics in town and what it means for cyclists. Check it out, I think you would really enjoy the content and some great conversation could spark. I plan to post Nicole Freedman's bike map shortly and let more people know how to commute around Boston even easier.

Cheers! Liz

liz said...

Hi there! I just started - a blog on making transportation in cities more eco-friendly and I'm focusing on biking in Boston. I think we could start some great conversations, please check it out...
I also plan to post Nicole Freedman's map so more can see where good bike routes are and how to navigate the city even better.

Cheers! Liz