Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Close call on Park Ave

I was cruising down Park Ave this morning at a little after 6, and a large van from "Eddy's Bakery Products" started to cross in front of me. I'm sure the guy saw me (I was a reasonable distance away from that intersection when he pulled out), and I did my best to catch his eye. He pulled out anyway, of course, and slowly crossed in front of me, causing me to slam on the brakes to avoid running right into the side of the van at 25mph. I was in control the whole time, but it was very annoying nevertheless. So this morning at 9:30, I called and left a message at the Arlington company with my name and phone number, and details of the almost-incident.

Update: The owner (I believe) left me a message toward the end of the day with a sincere apology, letting me know that he'd speak to the driver.

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Anonymous said...

Andrew, came across your blog here thru Linkin profile. As I look through, I'm amazed. You are the quintessential bike blogger! I recall our long rides wayyyy back at Trinity, you on a red Bianchi and me on a black Trek. You taught me the finer points of road riding. Years later, you're still going strong...we need more people like you (and less drivers). Have been trying to bike to work now and again here in Singapore. Between the heat and the inhospitable traffic, it's not much fun. Kudos to you mate.