Sunday, August 09, 2009

Hutchinson Island & S Indian River Drive Ride

If I ever complain about the cycling in these parts again, please remind me of the ride I did this morning. We're staying in a hi-rise condo on Jensen Beach, and I brought my rented bike up from Palm Beach for these couple days.

After a bit of map consulting and checking with local relations, I decided to do an early 35 mile ride this morning before breakfast. Here's the route I came up with:

Don't I love Mapmyride so much?

The area right around here is kind of one condo tower after the next, each separated from the public thoroughfare by tall walls and gates... but just north of here, things open up quite a bit and the views are lovely as you enter Blind Creek Park, which goes for miles, nearly all the way to Fort Pierce. I'm sure that a patient person could see lots of birds, fish, and maybe even a manatee or gator in the wetlands on either side of the road (I stopped here and there, but not for too long.)

Things get to be a bit more built up as you approach Fort Pierce, but in a more authentic Florida way - smaller houses, shops, and restaurants, not condos dating from the 1980s. After heading across the bridge at Fort Pierce, it's easy to find Route 707, South Indian River Drive. The designated Scenic Highway extends all the way from the Fort Pierce Bridge to the Jensen Beach Bridge, running along the Intracoastal all the way.

The tide was pretty low this morning, so there were lots of people in waders fishing, and the sunrise over the water was lovely. The road itself was ever so slightly rolling and curvy, just enough to make interesting, and the paving was pretty much flawlessly smooth. The houses along that stretch are also nice traditional Florida houses - some big, some not so big.

For about 15 minutes, I was treated to a nice Florida downpour, soaked me to the bone. I was home about 30 minutes later in the blaring sun and I was pretty much dry from the rain but soaked through with sweat again.

This ride ranks among my new favorites - fast, smooth, easy to navigate, and very beautiful - perfect!

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