Sunday, September 13, 2009

Christiania always fun!

We had Elsie's 3-year birthday party today (rain date, several weeks late!). Among many fun activities, I gave the kids rides around the neighborhood in the Christiania. So fun! Lots of them had seen me bringing the girls to school on it, so getting a ride was something they'd always wanted to do.

What a shame that more parents in the US can't experience the same excitement and joy! It just isn't the same with trailers, bike seats, and trail-a-bikes. We've got to figure out a way to make these things available here.


Heather said...

I'm not a bike person but I have been reading your blog for a few months. I'm a boston suburbanite who travels via a burley for my youngest children. I found you seaching for bakfiets. It is hard to know what bike would work well (xtracycle? nihola? bakfiet?) when they aren't bikes you see in everyday use. I'd love a lease to own program where I could try out a variety! Keep up the interesting reads.

DrMekon said...

De Fietsfabriek are in the USA now, and do trikes.

Did you not find the Christiania steering under-damped? I borrowed one for 10 days, and did >70 miles on it. It was great on smooth paths, but cambers and potholes were hard going. I was all set to add one to our "stable", (already contains a moederfiets, a bakfiets, a trailer, and a bunch of other "normal" bikes), but my wife was adament that she did not feel safe on it. We're now looking at a Madsen, subject to their vapourware rain cover appearing.

Charlotte said...

I also just found your blog looking for more information on a child-carrying cargo bike. It would be great to see more in Boston - I know of one person with a bakfiets and another with a sorte. I wonder if you all would form a club with one meeting so we can all come and gawk in person... It is just so hard to know which cargo bike to choose!