Thursday, March 03, 2011

New bike path Alewife-Belmont

There's been a bike path between Alewife station and Blanchard Rd in Belmont for ages. As long as I've known it, though, it's been hardpacked gravel, hard to find, and treacherously close to the railway line.

So today on my way back from the periodontist, I saw the new entrance from the Belmont side - very nice indeed! The nice wide paving with a yellow line down the middle was too inviting to resist. I started down the path and wasn't daunted by a few snowy spots, which I rode or walked through. The newly-paved path looks great (still dangerously close to the railroad tracks, though)!

Unfortunately, just as Alewife station was about to come into view, the paving stopped abruptly - I guess they haven't finished the work yet! And the snow and ice really precluded riding further.

Nevertheless, I'm glad I gave it a go, and once everything warms out and dries up, it'll be great - pavement or no!


JPTwins said...

great to know about that.

is the minuteman cleared yet? when i tried to commute on it a week or so ago, it was like a skating rink.

Andrew said...

For updates on the Minuteman path, subscribe to the Boston Area Cycling Google Group - .

I think it's clear in spots, but still very icy here and there.

Jeff Whitaker said...

When I first read this blog, I thought it was the Belmont near Nashville. Nope, I was wrong. It's too hard riding in the snow, y'all got to move down south!
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