Saturday, December 31, 2011

Electric Assist Christiania

When we were in London this fall, I rented a lovely Christiania from my friends at Velorution. Quite similar in most ways to my own trike (though black & red as opposed to red & black!) - in all ways except the addition of an electric assist motor!

London isn't as flat as Denmark by any means, but it was pretty sweet, very much appreciated on a full day out! Especially when we discovered that we'd forgotten something and I had to whizz back three miles to the hotel...

I shot the video at the playground in The Regent's Park.

Kim rented a green & purple Brompton to ride that day. It worked out just great, though more favorable gearing would have been appreciated. Perhaps she rode it a bit too hard... my friend Richard (in London for work completely coincidentally!) had trouble with the gearing when he rented it the following day!

Also: Here's a longer video from our trip, including a tour of Primrose Hill by Christiania!

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Aaron... said...

Have not seen a factory fitted electric Chrisitiania in person yet but they do look good! Apparently very popular as an option here in Australia now.