Thursday, July 02, 2020

Weekend on the Cape

For our second trip with the camper, we decided to go to the seashore. We hadn't been to Cape Cod really since our infamous Nickerson camping trip 10+ years ago when everybody came home with ticks. The drive to Truro reminded me why: the traffic was horrendous, and it took almost 4 hours to get there. Ugh. Plus, the AC in the Pathfinder broke during our last camping trip, so it was very hot indeed.

We camped at Horton's "Camping Resort" in Truro. The campground wasn't bad, all things considered I guess. It's a spin-off from a chain with another campground near by. The main one is ridiculously jam packed and totally unappealing. Horton's has much more space, but no more personality. It's pretty big, including one whole bit that's disused, and scattered with carcasses  of abandoned RVs. We never did see anyone working there, except (I think) for a woman with two giant off-leash dogs that scared the bejesus out of us when we arrived.

Our site was fine. I was able to reverse in (with Kim's help!) without much trouble. There were some tent sites across the way, and the spots on either side of us were empty when we arrived. Once we were settled in, a nice family came in with a beautiful, brand new trailer - a Flagstaff E-Pro. I have to admit that I was briefly obsessed with it... it has many more deluxe features than ours. On the other hand, it was much more expensive, so I really can't complain! The mom is the proprietress of The Painted Pastry, a cookie baking enterprise on the North Shore. Here's some more info about them - and their trailer!

The next day, a couple checked in on the other side of us with a Scamp - an eensy weensy trailer, very cute. I also became briefly obsessed with that, but I it was a passing fancy. Our next trailer will be an Airstream anyhoo.

The best thing about the campground was the location - an easy walk to Highland Lighthouse:

And a very easy bike ride to Coast Guard Beach, where we spent several hours baking in the sun, wading in the surf, and watching the seals!

One day, we ventured into Provincetown for a walk around, and even ate out for the very first time since the pandemic hit. It's an adorable town, I'm sure it's utter pandemonium when evening rolls around. But it wasn't terribly busy when we were there. We enjoyed our early dinner at Patio, where they had good food and very nice outdoor seating with plexiglass dividers between the booths.

We debated bringing the bikes.... since we're using the trailer hitch to pull a trailer, we don't have a good place to put our four bikes. I'm debating getting a roof rack for the car ($1000+!!!), but we loaded all four into the camper and that worked just fine!

So we had some nice family rides around the campsite, and to the beach. And I did an epic ride down to P-town, around and back. Gorgeous! The bike paths are a little bit of a hodgepodge way out there, but there were lots of them, and I barely had to be on the road at all. All the paths are exceptionally well maintained, and I barely saw anyone else. Paths went through thick forest, sand dunes, and along the beach. Couldn't be better! Here are the details on Strava.

And then on Father's Day, I did a fantastic 8-mile run around Truro, including views of bay and ocean!

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