Friday, February 25, 2011

Back in Palm Beach


The holiday we've been looking forward to for ages. After the snowiest winter we've had since moving to Boston (and I guess it still isn't over - it's freezing rain all weekend, apparently), a few days in sunny Florida is just what we need!

Like during our last visit (almost 2 years ago!), I've rented a nice bike from Top Cycle in Palm Beach for the duration of the stay. I've got a Specialized S-Works very similar to the one I had last time.

I picked it up from Patrick this morning and it was just great. I rode all the way up to the Inlet and back through Palm Beach to Lantana. Just after coming through the center of Palm Beach, I met another cyclist and I commented on his cross bike - not something you'd expect to see around these parts (which is what I said). He was really friendly, and we got to chatting.

Turns out he's from Indiana, just here on a short vacation like me. He brought his cross bike to do some gravelly roads tomorrow - sounds like fun. We kept a pretty good pace going, probably 18ish mph. He told me that he knows of a titanium bike maker in Lantana called Habanero, and he was going to drop in and see what it's all about - so I decided to tag along. Of course, I figured that it was unlikely that there was a ti and carbon framebuilder actually building frames in Lanatana, and it was more likely an enterprising marketer importing frames from Asia and selling them here....

So when we turned down South Oak Street in Lantana and found it to be a residential neighborhood, I wasn't terribly surprised. Nevertheless, this Lantana dude must have some pretty good connections in Asia (and/or at the customs house!), because he's flogging titanium frames for less than $900. I do like titanium....

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