Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Commuting on the Christiania

I've been commuting to work for a couple weeks on the Christiania. I started riding it more regularly when I was taking the girls to school, then it just seemed more convenient with all the cargo space and ease of locking up. I don't even mind the ride home up the hill so much any more!

It was sort of scary riding home in the dark until I got my act together a bit... I found the strange Danish light that slides onto a mount in on the front of the box, started wearing my reflecty vest with my Cateye flasher on my collar, and I just got a nice Planet Bike headlight for my helmet.

The helmet light is the big revelation. It was only $30 or so, but it's wonderfully bright. It's also amazing to be able to see wherever I'm pointing my noggin!

Last night, I needed to decompress a bit and the weather was nice, so I rode all the way up the bike path to Arlington Heights before riding up Park Ave. (I usually go up Highland and Gray, which saves a couple miles.) Because it was only about 6 but still pitch black, the path had lots of bike traffic, and everyone was all bedecked in lights and visi-wear. It was really fun seeing the reflecty patches go by and seeing how all the light combos worked. Unsurprisingly, the lycra-clad riders on $5k racing bikes all have VERY bright rechargeable lights to match. Most seem to have more modest arrangements like me. The surface was completely leaf-covered in most parts, and I definitely felt safer on three wheels.

Better make the most of it while the weather cooperates!


Aaron, Sam, Cameron and Luke said...

Yes we have long dark winters here in Canberra also and the fog can be quite amazing! I found a couple of cheap LED magnetic tent lights that attach quite well to the frame on the front of the box (more to be seen then to see by). Also replaced the rear reflector on the luggage rack with a flashing taillight. The headlight helmet is something I might try next winter!

Andrew said...

Hi aaronsamcamluke - I'd love to hear more about your Schlumpf drive on the Christiania. Do pop me an email if you can. ahconway@gmail.com or use the dot-mac address in the left sidebar of my blog. - Andrew