Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

The new year is nigh, and I'm hoping for the bikiest year yet! My new job at Ciclismo Classico should help make that a reality, though my drastically shorter commute has meant that the last three months have been pretty shy on miles... 

I was hoping to do a good ride on New Year's Day tomorrow, but with upwards of 8 inches of snow and single-digit temps expected, that's not gonna happen. Instead, I'm going to go for a snow shoe jaunt - I just need to figure out where to go. If I'm ambitious, it'll be Great Brook Farm State Park (with lots of dedicated trails for XC skiing and - I assume - shoeing), if not, I'll hit Menotomy Rocks park. I know that the Fells has tons of trails, but I'm not that keen on it for some reason.

In the meantime, I've discovered that my ICEBIKE project has been stalled because the studded tires I bought from Peter White Cycles are 650b size, not 26-in! A bit of a shock, especially considering what I paid for them. They've got a good rep, though, and shouldn't have any problem with an exchange.

Kim and the girls are off to sunny Florida next week, and (unlike the last time they went away) I vow to refrain entirely from car use, come what may!

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