Monday, December 01, 2008

Sherman's Bridge Ride

I think I managed to burn off at least a few of my Thanksgiving calories on my ride yesterday. I set off around 7 under overcast skies and mid-20s temp to do the Pocket Maps Sherman's Bridge Ride. Same areas as usual... Lexington, Bedford, Sudbury, etc. The title of the ride refers to a plank bridge over the Sudbury River in Wayland. Despite the often-familiar territory, the extra little loop around Sudbury & Wayland turned out to be a real gem, with beautiful conservation land and very quiet roads.

The route is 32 miles, which makes an even 50 when added to my 18-mile round trip to the starting point at the Bedford end of the Minuteman trail.

My toes managed to stay a little warmer today owing to my fleece socks, but they were still pretty chilly by the end of the ride, and my water froze again... I must figure out a solution to that one!

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