Saturday, August 24, 2013

Acadia Camping 2013

So, for my first non-bikey blog post, we can start with our yearly Acadia camping trip with our friends. As with many of our summer plans this year, this trip was curtailed by theatrical commitments... This time, we need to be in Lexington for the DASH awards ceremony where Elsa's Sound of Music is up for several honors.

So we cut our two nights to one and will have to hit the road early to head home.

That hasn't stopped us from having a great time, though! We started the day with lunch at Jordan Pond House (seated outside, despite a bracing wind!), and worked it off on a beautiful 3-mile hike around Bubble Pond. It warmed up nicely  too. 

We had made reservations for 2:15 but queued up at 11ish instead and made the first seating without any trouble at all. That's the way to do it - we even got our pick of parking places! 

We headed over to Seawall campground mid-afternoon and checked in. Site D19. Nice to be easily accessible to the car, but they really pack you in here! Too close for comfort, really. 

For dinner we got lobsters and other goodies from Sawyer's Lobster Pound nearby. Not too expensive and really good!

We capped off the day with some s'mores and tame ghost stories. 

We do plan to be back again next year, but maybe Blackwoods campground. We had preferred the spaciousness of Seawall, but that seems to be luck of the draw. And next time we also want to do some biking, and Seawall us too far from the carriage roads to make that practical. Also hoping to do three nights so we can really make the most of it here.

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