Sunday, March 02, 2014

Candidate Statement for Sudbury Savoyards Board of Trustees

Yesterday, I was elected to the Sudbury Savoyards Board of Trustees. Here's my the statement I submitted to the group in advance as part of the election process.

I’m a trombonist, and I live in Arlington with my wife and two daughters – all big G&S fans like me. The 2014 production of Pirates will be my third show with the Sudbury Savoyards, following The Gondoliers (2013) and Ruddigore (2012). I’ve also played The Mikado (second trombone, no less), The Yeomen of the Guard, and The Grand Duke, in addition to many other musicals. I’m the trombone section leader with the Chelmsford Community Band and President of the band’s board. Before settling in Arlington, I lived in London for many years, where I developed my appreciation for all things Victorian.*

The Sudbury Savoyards has a different feel from other musical or theatrical groups with which I’m involved – this could stem from the charitable focus, or the tradition of the cast applauding the orchestra in the music room after each performance, a rare phenomenon indeed! I’m very interested in learning about what goes on in a production outside of the pit, and this seems an ideal opportunity pop my head above the parapet. I’ve also developed a deep appreciation for Gilbert and Sullivan and I would relish a chance to broaden my exposure beyond the trombone book. Finally, I admire the dedication of the Sudbury Savoyards  to relief of world hunger, and I would be honored to have a more direct role in supporting this mission.

Apart from my boundless energy, enthusiasm, and curiosity, I do have a handful of practical skills that may prove useful. I led the search committee for a new conductor of the Chelmsford Band, so I’d be quite comfortable helping find directors. I also have lots of experience with nonprofit groups and fundraising.  I’m an I.T. guy in my day job, with various social media and marketing mumbo jumbo thrown in, if that’s any help.

* With the possible exception of doilies

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