Saturday, March 08, 2014

CCB Spring Concert

Our first concert with Lucinda Ellert as director went great! Especially considering the limited rehearsal time we had. We were at the Elks again, and that worked just fine for us. Because she had a conflict later in the day, we swapped our part of the program with the jazz band, and I think that worked okay - it didn't present any real problems, anyway.

Our audience was pretty good - they outnumbered the band, which isn't something we could boast of at some of our our concerts!

I also enjoyed introducing Lucinda at the start.

Here's our program:
  • Flourish for Wind Band (listen below!)
  • Army of the Nile
  • First Suite in Eb
  • The Sun Will Rise Again (listen below!)
  • The Magic of Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • Suite Miniature*
    • III. Moment Triste
    • IV. Tarentelle
  • Eros Thanatos*
  • Festival March*
* Arranged and directed by Timothy Moore

Flourish For Wind Band by ahconway

The Sun Will Rise Again by ahconway

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