Thursday, August 20, 2020

Kim's New Rivendell

After Kim's beloved Rivendell Betty Foy was totaled almost exactly a year ago on our way to Acadia, we collected about $1600 from insurance. About $800 shy of the replacement value (hard to calculate, since we got Betty built up at a local shop, and Riv doesn't make that frame any more), but it was just about enough to cover a replacement.

So, after a wait of close to 5 months, we received a big box from Rivendell last week containing her brand new Clem Smith Jr. (L for "Ladies"). It came literally the day before setting off for this year's Acadia adventure (largely unconsummated though, due to my back injury.) It's gorgeous, with some lovely details (lugs with heart cut-outs!), nearly rivaling her last one. 

But better still, it's a more appropriate ride for her. With 26-inch wheels and a nice long wheelbase, it's a tip-of-the-hat to mountain bikes of yore and rides like a dream.

Very much looking forward to lots of fun family rides!

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