Monday, October 31, 2005

Darkness falls in Regents Park

Today is the first weekday since the clocks went back, and it sure is noticeable on the ride home from nursery! It's pitch black by a six or so, which makes it a little scary in Regents Park in particular.

On the inside (counter-clockwise) side of the park has no streetlights at all, so a cyclist is only as visible as his lights and reflective wear - and there's also the question of seeing what's coming up on the road surface. So it looks like we'll be using another route home until springtime!

Fortunately, we've blazed a very nice new trail: Instead of going round the Outer Circle, we head up through Primrose Hill on Gloucester Avenue, down King Henry's Road to Elsworthy Road, which takes us straight over to Boundary Road again. Only a tiny bit longer, and much safer at this time of year.

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