Monday, October 03, 2005

LCN on foot

After Gem's swimming class yesterday, we went to Justin's for a fantastic lunch. The question was how to get from Friern Barnet to Crouch End...

The buses are infrequent around those parts, and TfL estimated about an hour to get us from there to there, and I really didn't want to risk interrupting Gem's naptime, which is exactly then, so we decided to walk it. For fun, we used Cycle Guide no 5 and tried to stick to the recommended routes. All in all, very successful, but it was a bit of a mess around New Southgate, which put us on to a dodgy bit that ran along the rail line, eventually spitting us out into a confusing but well-maintained set of segregated tracks near the shopping centre along the North Circular.

We made it to Crouch End in about 90 minutes, not bad considering the time it would have taken on the bus!

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