Sunday, May 21, 2006

The FredCast

Not having an iPod, I've been a little behind on PodCasting and such things. But I've been listening to a couple good shows I subscribe to from NPR (technology and pop culture) recently, and today I decided to branch out. Since I'd already gone through my NPR PodCasts, I had a look for some bikey ones and came across The FredCast, and it's really good! It's done by a super-keen Californian cycling enthusiast every week or so. It's very well-produced, and David (there's no one named Fred, that's a term that racers use to refer to bad riders who spend too much on their stuff) is a great host.

It's a bit too focused on pro cycling, but still really interesting. There's a good companion website too at Makes me want an iPod even more now, but I can't bear to get one until a new model comes out.

UpdateI had a comment on this entry (which I've opted not to post because it's anonymous) indicating that Fred is a real person and that I made other errors in my piffle of a post. I'm pretty sure I got it right... here's what the FredCast website says:

The FredCast is produced by me, David Bernstein. I am an avid road cyclist, and I live in Southern California with my lovely wife, Donna, and our two daughters, Meghan and Emily. I am a former bicycle industry executive now working in my family’s industrial machinery manufacturing company. I attend frequent industry functions and I am (proudly) one of the few people in the room who doesn’t play golf.

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