Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bye bye PowerMac 8600

Today I hauled my old PowerMac 8600 200 and Sony monitor off to the Regis Rd recycling centre and left it there to be disposed of. Also finally got rid of the 100 or so AA and AAA batteries we've been saving since Fresh & Wild stopped accepting them (Must be the Whole Foods influence again....)

In any case, it was a triumph for the me and the trailer, which I finally retrieved from the storage space this week. It was a heavy load, but I tied it down well and took it slow - and no problems at all! I was trying hard not to tip over on a busy road like I did not too long ago with our old TV, and my efforts paid off.

I always find a trip to the recycling centre to be a buoying experience, and today was no different. After leaving the computer, batteries, plastic bags, and oatmeal tins (which had once held the batteries) in their respective recepticles, I asked someone for a couple curbside containers, and he found two and deposited them happily in the trailer.

The really nice discovery is that two of those containers fit perfectly in the trailer, and we packed them both with shopping after Gem's music class!

This photo also shows the nice reflective lolly pop I've installed in the hopes of keeping cars (and bikes!) from coming to close when I've got Gem.

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