Thursday, June 01, 2006

New video: The school run

Hooray! Nana Dawn has arrived in anticipation of the new baby. And she's brought goodies! Among them, a nice, new Canon digital camera. It's much more portable than our SLR, and it also does video. Which I tested out this morning on the school run.

I have a little vise mount that I attached to my handlebars and set it going as we left home. The mount isn't very good quality, so I had to adjust it a bit as we went along. But the camera is brilliant, and the giant display on the back fascinated Gem and made her feel like a right little Stephen Spielberg.

The camera shoots very high quality video, so we filled up a 1gb card in less than ten minutes! Next time I'll try shooting at a lower res. In the meantime, I've picked out three nice clips:

As I get better with the camera and all that, I'll be doing more video!

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