Saturday, September 24, 2005

Community support officers nick cyclists in Regents Park

Gem and I had a lovely pique nique in Regents Park today, and we were treated to the sight of a couple Community Support Officers staking out the Broad Walk. No cycling is allowed on the paths of Regents Park, and they were stopping cyclists and reading them the riot act.

I'm all for it! I know some of my cohorts from the Camden Cycling Campaign don't agree with me on this, but I always try to be completely law-abiding - so it drives me mad when bikers flout the rules.

We ran over to them and told one of them that we supported their work - he was completly humorless about it. He did say that they're explaining the rules to people now (I asked if he'd given anyone a ticket and he wouldn't tell!), but soon they'd start handing out £200 fines on the spot!

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