Monday, September 12, 2005

New jacket!

I cycled to a meeting near Old Street yesterday, which gave me a good opportunity to browse Condor Cycles in Gray's Inn Road. I was looking for a waterproof cycling jacket to replace my old Gore Bikewear jackt, which I've effectively worn out. It's served me well, though - it's kept me dry through all sorts of rain and ice storms for the past two years.

This time (for my birthday - it was either this or an iPod!), I wanted something a bit harder-wearing than the PacLite fabric of the old one, so I was looking for XTR. Because I wound up wearing the other one so much, I also thought some pockets would be nice. Unfortunately, though, these two characteristics only seem to grace the top-of-line jackets...

But was my 40th, after all, so I figured I could splurge a bit and went for the Freestyle Extreme. I couldn't find it on Freestyle's website, so it may have been discontinued. That's all right, though. I wore it this morning taking Gem to nursery, and was great!

More after I get rained on...

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