Monday, September 12, 2005

Thorn weighs in on dent

I sent off some pictures of the dent to Robin Thorn Saturday, and today he responded. Here's one.

He said it looked like he expected, and that I had three options:
  1. Have a framebuilder fill in the dent and respray
  2. Have a framebuilder replace the top tube and respray
  3. Return frame to Thorn for subsidized replacement
Not unexpected, I suppose... but even the subsidized cost is a bit much to spend for a conceit like this, as Robin says that it shouldn't affect the life of the frame. As he says, "Just to go back to why it dented, it's a bit like stilleto heels, the wooden floor in a car showroom can support the weight of truck, but the girl wearing stilleto heels still puts dents in as she walks across it."

I guess I'll have to learn to accept it...

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