Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Most expensive service ever

I've probably ridden my Fahrrad Manufaktur 3000 miles since I bought it 4 years ago, so I shouldn't be crying over an expensive service. But at about £200, that's half what I spent on it new!

But never mind. I booked it in at Bicycle Workshop almost three months ago, so I've been looking forward to today. During the wait, I've been unable to shift into gears 1 or 2, so certain hills have been off limits (and I don't think I've been doing my knees any favours either).

Turns out I needed a new rear tire (Schwalbe Marathon), a new crankset (since the teeth on the chainwheel were worn out and it isn't detachable), new pedals, brake shoes, and various cables. All in all, about a hundred pounds in bits and another hundred in labour. Considering the work they did, not bad.

Plus, they're so completely friendly there - and they remember my name too - it's actually fun to drop in there. Not like virtually every other bike shop I've been to in the past ten years! Worth every penny.

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