Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Cool new Triobike

I suppose that if any airline magazine was going to have an interesting cycling feature, it would be SAS (Scandinavian). Which is exactly where I saw a blurb about the new Danish Triobike. It seems exceedingly clever, with a child carrying pod between two front wheels and a regular bike on the back - but the really clever thing is that the child carrier can be used separately as a two-child pram, and a fork and single wheel put in its place to form a regular city bike! Looks like really nice design too, and at about €2500, it's not even as expensive as you'd think.

Of course, it appears to be on the drawing board still - not like others we've considered, like the Nihola Cigar Family and the Christiania.


Anonymous said...

the trioBike is definitely off the drawing board! in fact I think Andrew will be able to see one up close and personal on Kind Henry's Road if he's still cycling that route home from nursery. The bike was soft launched in the UK earlier this month and 3 have already been delivered into the Hampstead area.

Velorution said...

One of your former neighbours has purchased a Trio. She brought it to the store to have the breaks fixed. Frankly we were not impressed by the handling and componentry.

But it does look very good.